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Introducing the new An Capall Performance Polo!


Made of recycled fibers, and featuring anti-bacterial and wicking performance technology, as well as UPF 50 sun protection built right into the fabric.


Comfortable, beautiful, fashionable & flattering enough for the barn or out to dinner.




Our clothes are soft, comfortable in the heat or through a challenging ride, warm in the winter, and

they fit all body types like a dream.


Now available via our website and coming soon to a tack shop near you! Hurry and buy - we can't keep our gorgeous shirts and colors in stock for very long!

These shirts are AMAZING! Definitely my new favorite! They’re a flattering slim fit with antibacterial technology, and are sweat and stain resistant! You’ll have no problem looking chic in the barn or on the street with their classy and elegant style. The best part is that these shirts are made of recycled fibers, so you can be both a horse lover and a tree hugger.❤️🌎

Aleyna Dunn, FEI Dressage Rider, 2017 NAJYRC Team & Individual gold medalist🇺🇸, USEF/USDF Emerging Athlete, USDF bronze and silver medalist🥉🥈, Vegan Athlete🌱




“Do you want a shirt that “works” for you all day?!

Then these shirts are a must have!

I spend 12 hours at the farm every day and there is finally a shirt that looks the same when I get home at night!

-from 6AM TO 6PM
-Holds its elegant SHAPE
-WICKS moisture
-protects my skin from the sun with 50UPF
-helps the environment with its recycled fabric

A new more ELEGANT STYLE than other brands, new GORGEOUS COLORS and more coming, all with a new approach to fabric choices which HELP THE ENVIRONMENT !!!”

Marie Medosi, Dressage Trainer, Marie Medosi Dressage


“These shirts are unreal😍
Gorgeous fit, beautiful colors and great for the environment!”

Isabelle Herbert, Assistant Dressage Trainer, Peridot Equestrian


LOVING my new shirt!! You nailed the design girlfriend!

I love that it’s extra long in the torso. None of that coming untucked and showing your backside that annoys me so much. And the sleeves are long enough for optimum coverage!  

I’ve always disliked my big shoulders from years of surfing and the pleated bit in that area is really flattering.

I can’t wait to order more!!

Robyn Schoelkopf, Dressage Rider and Show Manager



Feel cool and comfortable, while feeling good about helping clean up the oceans.

An Capall shirts are made with recycled plastic bottles, which enables us to deliver high technical performance with a smaller environmental footprint.

More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year, according to the US-based Plastic Oceans Foundation. And over 5 trillion pieces of  plastic currently litter the ocean.

Up to 90 per cent of the world’s plastic items are never recycled, and scientists believe nearly every piece ever created is still in existence somewhere, in some form, with most going into landfill or the environment. Single-use plastic, such as water bottles, take 450 years to break down.

At An Capall, we are committed to being a responsible corporate and global citizen.  So in addition to using fabrics and technology that is environmentally responsible, a portion of our net proceeds will also go toward ocean cleanup efforts.


Recycling plastic bottles prevents it from going to  landfills or into our oceans, and using recycled polyestor reduces our dependent upon petroleum as the raw material for our fabric needs.



Because earth is the only

planet with horses.®



Supporting Women Entrepreneurs:  An Capall is a 100% woman-owned business, which was launched by Jessica Eaves Mathews and her teenage daughter and FEI Youth Dressage rider, Katherine Mathews.


Jessica has spent much of her career helping other business owners launch and run their businesses, and it is one of her passions.  Jessica and Kate are determined to use their experiences in launching An Capall to help other women like them.  They believe that as their company grows and succeeds, they should do their part to help other girls and women entrepreneurs succeed both in the USA and in the world. 


An Capall is committed to assisting other women entrepreneurs through mentoring, training, support, and micro-loans through organizations such as Girls Inc. and Kiva.org.


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