From Our Founders

As a small mother/daughter owned brand, we have been working through how we can make an impact and stand up against the hatred, intolerance and injustice that our black brothers and sisters have had to live with daily in this country since our country began. It can be hard to know how to say the right thing, especially when the issues are outside of our personal daily experiences. But that does not minimize the horror and heartbreak we both feel over the daily evidence of racism that still exists in the US (STILL!) in 2020.

For now, here is our pledge. We pledge to do better. To challenge our own thinking and biases, and to try to open our hearts and minds to being more aware of the issues, and to making sure we are a part of the solution in our daily operations as a small business, and in our daily lives as citizens of this country.

We also pledge now to donate 10% of all profits in 2020 to organizations that are giving voice, brain power and support to the fight for true equality and justice for all people of color in the US, and to abolish systemic racism and police brutality wherever it lives.  

Our donations will not just happen this week (although they will start now) but will be integrated into our company values and our daily operations going forward for the rest of the year. We already donate 10% of profits each month to ocean cleanup efforts. Now we will donate another 10% of profits each month for the rest of 2020 to the following organizations:

Black Lives Matter -
The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund
The Equal Justice Initiative
The Black Women’s Blueprint
We the Protestors

xo Jessica and Kate


We encourage you to also get involved. See below for resources and ideas on what you can do now to help eradicate racism and injustice from our communities and culture:

Anti-racism Resources:

What you can do: